Greetings from KIAS

KIAS is excited to begin its life as a leader in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts research both at the University of Alberta and beyond. KIAS has a clear goal and mission: to facilitate transformational interdisciplinary and comparative research at the highest level. KIAS will push boundaries in an effort to increase collaboration and cooperation between faculties, departments, scholars, students, campuses, and society.

We hope that this will be a space for informal discussion and feedback about the work of KIAS. We want to encourage researchers to meet new colleagues and for the public to become involved in research that can affect their own lives.

KIAS looks forward to working with all of you and to getting the ball rolling on ground-breaking outcomes.


One response to “Greetings from KIAS

  1. Sumner MacLean

    I would like to see someone organize a multidisciplinary course explaining and comparing ideology and values. The mytho-poetic function of popular song and cinema should be incorporated. My “Faith, Genes and History: Eastern and Western Views” lacks mythopoetic input. Let me hear from those interested!

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