Research Cluster Deadline!

April or February? Lovely walk on campus in the springtime.

Well, the KIAS deadlines are in full swing (along with lovely April snow). This serves as a reminder that the Cluster Grants are due to KIAS by tomorrow, Friday April 15th @ 4:00 p.m. MDT. The KIAS offices are located next to the Senate Chamber, 3-22 Arts Building. Don’t forget that you need to have a hard copy (signed by the applicant and his/her Chair), as well as an electronic copy submitted to us (

If you didn’t opt to have your materials pre-reviewed, I would suggest getting them into the office before the 4:00 cut-off. This way, I can make sure that I have them in hand for the weekend, in order to look them over and let any applicants know if they are missing materials that are required or need to change something in the application.

A note: KIAS will be adjudicating these next week (!) so applicants will have a very short window (one day) to get any and all missing documentation into me, both electronically and in hard copy. As such, the deadline on Friday is a firm one.

As usual, any questions or comments, feel free to send them to Gillian at:

Good luck!


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