If you haven’t been watching any TV, reading any newspaper, or been online in the past few months, the 41st Canadian Election will be taking place on Monday, May 2, 2011. This election has been one of the more exciting bouts that Canadians have seen in a long time, with each party truly fighting for the seats that they need. Regardless of who you vote for, we sincerely hope that you take the hour out of your day on Monday to vote for the party that best represents your views, opinions, and values. Polling stations open bright and early at 7:30 a.m. for most, and don’t close until late in the day (7:30 or 8:00). For information on where/what/how-to-vote, visit:

Depending on your political priorities, this election could have represented each of the KIAS themes. Stewardship of the Planet has been a hot topic throughout from the Liberals, NDP and Green Party – and the issue of the Alberta Oil Sands is one that won’t be going away any time soon. How Canada will continue to grow economically through the Oil Sands, while maintaining the environmental respect that it has had for many years, is an issue that many Canadians hold dear to their heart. Place, Belonging, and Otherness can be seen in the immigration policies proposed by all parties – or by the election as a whole. Having the right to vote stems from being a citizen of this country – and belonging to the Canadian society. The Canadian identity has long been partially defined by our social health care system – which is always a topic during elections. Do you feel that being a Canadian is derived from the social programs that we have had for so many years? Is this where Canadians find their identity? How do new Canadians find themselves represented in this country? Culture, Media, Technology has more recently been seen in the Arts sector in the country speaking up about which party can best represent the values of the arts-culture demographics in Canada. On the CBC Radio show “Q with Jian Ghomeshi”, he asked that question on April 28th to a representative from the Cons, Libs, and Dippers. You can listen here.

The importance of exercising your right to vote is always strong – but this election has been showcased as a galvanizing one. Make sure that you are represented on May 2nd.
Because you know what they say…if you don’t vote, you can’t complain.


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