This isn’t surprising, is it?


A new study from UBC has brought results that appear to be surprising, but shouldn’t be to anyone who teaches, studies, or works on a university campus.

Students respond better to interactive and immersive classrooms with smaller class numbers. Any person that has been in a lecture hall of 100+ has known this for many a moon. These “stand-and-deliver” class styles leave students with lots of time to daydream…or, nowadays, go online and play with more interesting things (like Angry Birds). What the professor is doing at the front of the room has always been an important part of the learning environment, and this study articulates a long-known fact understood by faculty and students alike.

Luckily for students, KIAS is working to help with this issue and provide some classes that are interactive, research-intensive, and taught by passionate professors who want to showcase important issues. Our Interdisciplinary Course Seminar grant program (whose winners were JUST unveiled) will work to bring students the opportunity to study and engage on a higher level than they might in their larger classrooms. We hope that students take the chance to challenge themselves through these KIAS-sponsored classes, and that faculty apply to the program next year for their teaching plan.

For the KIAS course winners, go here.

For more information on the study, go here.


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