Monthly Archives: June 2011

cities as archives.

This past June, KIAS was lucky to be able to attend the Annual Meeting of the Consortium for Humanities Centres and Institutes (CHCI), a global group of like-minded organizations. The conference was hosted by the Jackman Humanities Institute, at the University of Toronto, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It brought together Directors and Associate Directors from around the world to cross-pollinate ideas and processes that will better our respective institutes or centres.

The group was varied; the complete list of CHCI members can be found on their website here. It was an excellent opportunity for KIAS to involve itself with others like it, and to see what other institutes are up to. The discussions were lead by the notion of cities as archives and featured a wide array of speakers and panelists, and got everyone thinking about this idea that city stores information, can be a historical touchpoint or can show growth as much as the rings on a tree can.

We hope that we get further opportunities to meet the people who are working in a field much the same as we are – it was great inspiration for things to come at KIAS!