Upcoming Things. For You.

October is flying by! It is a slippery slope into November, but here at KIAS we are flying along (as per usual). The end of October features a couple of things for the University of Alberta public and we thought it should be shared (we learned that in kindergarten).

KIAS Interdisciplinary Course Seminar Grants

When: October 24, 2011 @ 4:00 pm deadline; pre-review deadline (paper or electronic): October 14, 2011 @ 4:00 pm to Gillian

Where: http://www.kias.ualberta.ca/KiasGrantPrograms/InterDSeminarApplicationInformation.aspx

What: The KIAS Interdisciplinary Seminar Program seeks to integrate the Institute’s research mission with the strategic objective of the University of Alberta to provide structured opportunities to develop undergraduate inquiry and research skills, while enhancing the research acumen of graduate students. Further, the seminars will bring together instructors and students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in order to develop novel ways of understanding one or more of KIAS’s focus themes.

These courses allow professors to teach something that might be more closely aligned with their research portfolio, which is beneficial to them and the students. Funds are awarded to the department in order to release the professor from one course ($8,000). As well, successful applicants are awarded a $1,000 curricular grant in order to develop the course, buy materials for the course, contribute to the dissemination activities of their students – however they see fit. For the successful grants from the Spring Competition, please check out: http://www.kias.ualberta.ca/en/KiasGrantPrograms/InterDAward2011.aspx.

Applicants are encouraged to get a pre-review from Gillian Edwards, which will provide feedback on the content and attachment requirements.

KIAS Masterclass: Session #2

When: Tuesday, October 25 @ 12:00 – 1:30

Where: Tory B-129

Say what?: This session will be a continuation of our workshop series aimed to help undergrads figure out the academic dissemination world. Dr Roger Graves (Writing Across the Curriculum, English & Film Studies) will be teaching registrants how to write a research paper for a conference presentation.

Cost: Free! With a free lunch! I know.

What do I do next?: Well, if you are a smart cookie, you will email Gillian at gillian.edwards@ualberta.ca to grab one of one or two spots left. If you have already emailed me, check to make sure that you responded with a date to register for – otherwise, you ain’t in! If you are awesome, and have registered, then just sit back and count the days until the Session and arrive with a notebook, pen, and a ready brain.


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