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Undergraduate research conference

Are you an undergraduate student with interesting ideas in the humanities, social sciences, and arts? Do you want a chance to meet and collaborate with other talented young thinkers and researchers from all over the world?

If you want to get a sense of how great this conference is, please listen to comments from students who attended last year’s conference at:

Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now (August 16-18, 2013)
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Application deadline: May 10


Announcement: Geoffrey Rockwell appointed KIAS Director!

It is our pleasure to announce that Geoffrey Rockwell has accepted the position of Director, Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS). This is a 5-year appointment which begins on July 1st, 2013.

KIAS was founded by a generous gift from Drs Peter and Doris Kule, and is one of the University of Alberta’s most important centres for research in the humanities, fine arts and social sciences.

We are excited by the initiatives that Geoffrey has proposed to help KIAS grow in stature, nationally and internationally. He has been the Interim Director since July 1, 2012, and has already brought several important projects to fruition. Geoffrey’s career accomplishments are considerable, being a leader in the humanities computing research communities, and he brings substantial experience in catalyzing and guiding major collaborative research efforts.

Geoffrey will continue to work closely with departments, institutes and centres in the social sciences, humanities and arts here at the University of Alberta. He will also continue to explore areas where more community outreach may be achievable both locally and internationally.

Geoffrey has accepted the challenges of the directorship because he strongly believes that KIAS will come to exceed the expectations of the internal and external communities to which it contributes, and the external communities which it serves.

Please join me in welcoming Geoffrey, and continuing to inspire and support KIAS initiatives!

– Lesley Cormack, Dean, Faculty of Arts

KIAS working with RCMR on Métis in the Courts rapid response project

What’s all the uproar with the Métis in the Courts?

What we’re doing: A rapid response collaboration between the Rupertsland Centre for Métis Research (RCMR) and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study (KIAS) research institute.

Several important Métis rights issues have come before the Canadian courts recently – among the most long-anticipated is the Manitoba Métis Federation case against the Canadian government for the loss of their lands under sections 31 and 32 of the Manitoba Act of 1870.

The rapid response website includes:

Over the next week we’ll continue posting interviews with key University of Alberta experts and other Métis scholars including: Eric Adams, Catherine Bell, Adam Gaudry and Frank Tough.

Who we are:

RCMR is an academic research program focused on Métis concerns. Part of the mandate of the RCMR includes building the capacity to conduct systematic research and critical analysis of the impacts of general government policies on Métis communities. The RCMR has built into its architecture a “think tank” emphasis, which will allow it to tackle questions important to Métis society in a scholarly, non-partisan way. 

For more information about RCMR please see:

KIAS is an endowed research institute based at the University of Alberta. KIAS facilitates transformational interdisciplinary research at the highest level nationally and internationally.

For more information about KIAS please see:


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