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Performing Research/ Practicing Performance at Latitude 5

Wonderful presentation by students in Natalie Loveless’ interdisciplinary seminar (Department of Art and Design, UAlberta). In this course, students examined aspects of performance art In this course students examined performance art from theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives. The finale of a special course funded by the KIAS was held at Latitude 53.

A snapshot of this event can be found here:



KIAS and Latitude 53 present: Performing Research/ Practicing Performance

Upcoming Performance Event!Material-Theresa-018

Location: Latitude 53
Time: Friday June 14, 7:30-10 pm


This special performance event is being organized in conjunction with Performing Research/ Practicing Performance, a special “practice/theory” Spring Session course funded by the Kule Institute for Advanced Study and hosted by the Department of Art and Design at the University of Alberta. In this course students examined performance art from theoretical, historical, and practical perspectives. They developed an understanding of performance as critical cultural practice that interrogates connections between time, action, space, and the body.  As well as ongoing course work, the students participated in master classes with interdisciplinary performance artists and curators, learning to both write about and do performance art in an expanded context.  These performances are the culmination of their course.



Photo credits: Michael Woolley

Around the World Symposium gets good reviews! Please send us any pics…

Learning from #uofaworld…We’ve built up a ‘storify’ to capture some of the highlights of the symposium. A few of the themes that came up as we moved from Ireland, Japan, Brazil to wrap up in Australia: identity/security online, data-rich mapping, and big data.

*Just in case it doesn’t show up clearly on your browser, here’s a link to the storify that you can click on, or cut and paste the URL:

[View the story “Learning from #uofaworld… ” on Storify]

Geoffrey arriving 5:30 AM

Geoffrey Rockwell arriving at 5:30 AM MDT, ready for the adventures to come… we signed off nearly 17 hours later!

1-arts building

Arts Building with dramatic clouds [photo: G. Edwards]
Most of the symposium was streamed from the room behind the big windows just above the door.

We would also like to invite participants to send us pictures of the building that they were in during the conference… [and any other feedback of course!]