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Golden Goose or Ugly Duckling?: Lianne Lefsrud at TEDxFortMcMurray

Congratulations to Lianne Lefsrud for a powerful TEDx talk this week. Lianne received a 2012 Doctoral Dissertation award from KIAS. In this TEDx talk, Lianne shares research into the multiple, and often conflicting, ways of discussing the [oil/tar sands]. She challenges the audience to create a shared vision; to frame this contentious dialogue in less polarized ways so that everyone can leverage the emotional and technological energy thrown at this issue in more positive ways.


New course: The Pilgrimage to Mecca!

University of Alberta students, check out this great new course being offered this Fall term by Dr. Jocelyn Hendrickson, at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Register here!

Pilgrimage Flyer INT D 425_530-1275x1650

New SSHRC application assistance available

There is a new service available to help UAlberta researchers with SSHRC grant applications.

The University of Alberta Grant Assist Program is an initiative by the Office of the Vice-President (Research). The Grant Assist Program emerged from a pilot project, The CIHR Special Project, which provided supports for researchers applying for CIHR grants, and is now an established support for University of Alberta researchers.

In March 2013 the Grant Assist Program was extended to pilot supports for social sciences and humanities researchers applying for SSHRC grants. The SSHRC pilot of the Grant Assist Program is designed to enhance the quality and competitiveness of applications being submitted to SSHRC. The Grant Assist Program (SSHRC) offers key supports through peer review of proposals, professional editing, and casual support by doctoral research assistants. There are also opportunities for learning and mentorship through workshops, website and other resources, writing clubs and retreats, and micro-mentorship (one-on-one discussions about proposal development). The Grant Assist Program currently has a bridge funding opportunity available through the Partnership LOI GAP Fund (deadline July 5, 2013).

KIAS is looking forwatd to working with Bonnie, and the Grant Assistance Program, to create ever stronger research capacity here at UAlberta!

For more information please contact:
Bonnie Stelmach at bonnies [at ]