Culture and Capital

The Department of Political Science invites you to an interdisciplinary panel discussion on Culture and Capital

Culture and Capital - poster

Courtesy of the Department of Political Science

February 6 at 3:30 PM
Tory 1-96
Dr. Rob Aitken (Political Science) “Performing the Limits of Capital”
Rob’s talk asks ‘are there any serious limits to the kinds of practices that can be converted into financial objects?’ And he uses the responses of artists to the 2008 financial crisis to respond to this question.

Dr. Roy Suddaby (School of Business) “Institutional Homology: Explaining Corporate Art”
Roy asks ‘why do corporations collect art?’ as a means to explore the role of the corporation in society.

Dr. Eddy Kent (English and Film Studies) “Company Men: How corporate culture shaped the rhetoric of British imperialism”
Eddy’s presentation considers the East India Company’s efforts to establish an esprit de corps at their Haileybury training college; an effort that encouraged employees to align their private interests with the larger corporate body.

Abstracts of the papers can be found at


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