ATW 2014: Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age

KIAS is hosting a digital conference which brings together, by video streaming, participants from institutes around the world. We are attempting this experiment to model an environmentally sustainable way of hosting dialogues on important global topics. For example, instead of flying researchers from various national and international locations to Edmonton, and creating a significant environmental footprint, we create a digital platform for the conference. We ran a similar conference last year on technology and culture. More information at:

We are now gearing up for our second such conference on the topic of “Privacy and Surveillance in the Digital Age.”

This will be a conversation that brings together scholars from many wonderful research institutes including:

University of Western Sydney – Australia
Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo – Brazil
University of Alberta – Canada
Queen’s University – Canada
University of Lethbridge – Canada
University of Hamburg – Germany
National University of Ireland – Maynooth – Ireland
Haifa University – Israel
Roma Tre University – Italy
Ritsumeikan University – Japan
Tohoku University – Japan
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences – Netherlands
Ekiti State University – Nigeria
Columbia University – United States
Opening reception:
May 21st – 11:00 AM MDT – Senate Chambers – Arts Building

For more information please see:
Twitter: @KIASAlberta   #UofAworld

 *Please mark your calendar and join in the discussion!*


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