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Kule News – Fall 2014

Kule News bannerSeptember 8, 2014

Here are some examples of the great research that KIAS is supporting, and also some upcoming events to watch for!

Sample imageiGiselle Ballet-based Video Game
The KIAS funded interdisciplinary project iGiselle is nearing completion. This ballet-based video game offers players a chance to re-imagine the classical romantic ballet Giselle and features a photographic interface, voiced audio and original music all controlled by Microsoft Kinect. A public demonstration of the game and presentations by participants on the research and design team is planned for October 2014.

UAlberta panel from Around the World 2014Around the World 2014
Around the World is a worldwide collaborative conference which took place May 21st this year with over 350 viewers tuning in to 12 hours of presentations from 39 presenters at 14 different institutions. This year’s theme was privacy and surveillance in the digital age and the event is archived online at:

Group at the Replaying Japan conference

Replaying Japan 2014
Replaying Japan 2014 is the third collaboratively organized conference focusing broadly on Japanese game culture, education and industry. The University of Alberta hosted this year’s conference in August with over 100 attendees from six countries including people from academy, community, government & industry, seven video game companies and twenty academic institutes.

round table discussion at research-creation symposiumResearch Creation
Dr. Natalie Loveless held a symposium and think-tank in the Spring of 2014 which brought together researchers and artists interested in research-creation. The KIAS supported events invited discussion and debate about research-creation and the Fine Arts PhD among other topics that emerged. Over 300 people attended the keynote presentation by Dr. Donna Haraway on March 24th which has now been viewed over 3000 times online at:

EuromaidanContemporary Ukraine Research Forum
On June 26th, the Contemporary Ukraine Research Forum hosted an online video conference featuring papers from three research clusters related the EuroMaidan in Ukraine including: Folklore, Culture and Religion, Media and Communication, and Politics and Social Structure. The proceedings have been viewed over 950 times online at:

Entangled Careers Lit LibThe Entangled Careers of Liberalism and Literary History Symposium
The Entangled Careers of Literary History and Liberalism is a research collaboration organized by professors and graduate students in the Department of English and Film Studies at the University of Alberta designed to explore the question: What is the relationship between the history of literary history and the history of liberalism? The research project centers on a symposium at the University of Alberta that took place in April 2014 and a book collection (with University of Toronto Press) in 2015. The symposium was well attended and the organisers received great feedback from participants. The event was livestreamed and is archived online at:

Modern Magazines Project Canada
Modern Magazines Project Canada is a collaborative initiative that brings together scholars, magazine professionals, and digitization specialists with the goal of bCanadian Magazinesuilding an international and interdisciplinary network for the study and promotion of periodicals. A workshop on magazines and/as media was held August 15-16, and a public symposium entitled “Canadian Magazines: Past, Present, Future,” was held Aug 16. The project hopes to build toward long-term partnerships and collaborations focused on magazines and the digital turn. More details can be found on their website.

SSHRC/Algonquian/Cree mini-summit
The SSRHC/Algonquian/Cree Mini-summitmini-summit was held at the University of Alberta June 18 – 19, 2014. This SSHRC funded project is working to develop software tools and applications for revitalizing indigenous languages in Canada. Altogether 19 participants, including three from the Giellatekno research group from the University of Tromsø, Norway, participated in the event. The “mini-summit” was followed on June 20-21 by practical workshops on the computational modelling of Cree and Haida together with the Norwegian collaborators.

CHANGE engagement consortiumEngagement Scholarship Consortium
The 15th Annual Conference of the Engagement Scholarship Consortium at the University of Alberta on October 7-8 will bring together academics and community members to explore why and how both universities and communities are changing.The conference will feature international leaders in engagement scholarship who will invite participants to think deeply about the theories of change that underlie our efforts and how we are engaging with the change we are experiencing ourselves.

Community Service-Learning Pre-conference workshop
The Kule Institute for Advanced Study will be supporting the University of Alberta’s Community Service-Learning program’s October 6th workshop on “Community Service-Learning and Change” at the Chateau Lacombe in conjunction with the Engagement Scholarship Consortium conference. The full day workshop will explore social and personal impacts of CSL in relation to broader changes in the university and community landscapes in the partnered practice of creating democratic-thinking and caring learners, while considering the impact of CSL on developing students’ abilities to respond to complex, real life social issues. LINK

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CSL Workshop: Collaboration, innovation, and impacts

KIAS is proud to support the Community Service Learning (CSL) “Community Service-Learning and Change” Pre-Conference Workshop on October 6th, 2014, at the Chateau Lacombe which is being held in conjunction with the Engaged Scholarship Consortium Conference.

This full day workshop will explore social and personal impacts of CSL in relation to broader changes in the university and community landscapes in the partnered practice of creating democratic-thinking and caring learners, while considering the impact of CSL on developing students’ abilities to respond to complex, real life social issues.

Topics will include:

●   The contributions of CSL to community-engaged scholarship

●   The challenges, benefits, and possibilities for CSL as the program further integrates into the post-secondary education landscape

●   The impacts of CSL for multi-stakeholders and multi-issues, while supporting collaborative practices, including innovative community project design

●   The role of community partners as co-educators and mentors

●   What’s next for CSL?

When: October 6th, 2014 – 8:15am to 4:30pm (Morning coffee and lunch are provided)

Where: Chateau Lacombe, 10111 Bellamy Hill Rd NW, Edmonton, Alberta

REGISTER ONLINE! and visit the CSL website for full itinerary and costs!

This is an opportunity for the CSL community, including students, instructors, administrators, and community organizations to share wise practices on the practical application of community engaged-learning, with a focus on community voices, and instructor and student experiences. Dialogue, meet new people, learn about different programs and latest research, and connect with potential partners!


This informal session will include posters and displays submitted by pre-conference participants and community partners. If you are interested in bringing a poster or display materials, please contact Sheryle Carlson ( by September 30, 2014.


The Kule Institute for Advanced Study, Community Service-Learning, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alberta



KIAS is proud to support this project:
Great Minds. 3 Minutes. 1 Evening
Join us September 25 to hear amazing ideas from Next Gen researchers, academics, innovators and entrepreneurs as they present their ideas in 3 minutes to a distinguished judging panel from academia, government, business and the media. Top prize—a trip to Berlin to compete in the international finale.
UAlberta FWLab event details: 
  • Thursday September 25, 2014, from 6:00  8:30 pm
  • Room 1-440, Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (CCIS), University of Alberta
  • Free event. General attendance is welcomed and encouraged but RSVP is REQUIRED
Meet UAlberta’s FWLab jury
Richard Fedorak, Jillian Buriak and Ingrid Johnston (UAlberta), Dan Rizzoli (Acting Deputy Minister, Innovation and Advanced Education, Alberta government) Cory Janssen (UAlberta alumus and successful entrepreneur), Zainul Mawji (VP Operations and Strategy, TELUS) and Paula Simons (Columnist, Edmonton Journal).  
FWLab UAlberta webpage: (link to RSVP page is embedded above and on this page)