CSL Workshop: Collaboration, innovation, and impacts

KIAS is proud to support the Community Service Learning (CSL) “Community Service-Learning and Change” Pre-Conference Workshop on October 6th, 2014, at the Chateau Lacombe which is being held in conjunction with the Engaged Scholarship Consortium Conference.

This full day workshop will explore social and personal impacts of CSL in relation to broader changes in the university and community landscapes in the partnered practice of creating democratic-thinking and caring learners, while considering the impact of CSL on developing students’ abilities to respond to complex, real life social issues.

Topics will include:

●   The contributions of CSL to community-engaged scholarship

●   The challenges, benefits, and possibilities for CSL as the program further integrates into the post-secondary education landscape

●   The impacts of CSL for multi-stakeholders and multi-issues, while supporting collaborative practices, including innovative community project design

●   The role of community partners as co-educators and mentors

●   What’s next for CSL?

When: October 6th, 2014 – 8:15am to 4:30pm (Morning coffee and lunch are provided)

Where: Chateau Lacombe, 10111 Bellamy Hill Rd NW, Edmonton, Alberta

REGISTER ONLINE! and visit the CSL website for full itinerary and costs!

This is an opportunity for the CSL community, including students, instructors, administrators, and community organizations to share wise practices on the practical application of community engaged-learning, with a focus on community voices, and instructor and student experiences. Dialogue, meet new people, learn about different programs and latest research, and connect with potential partners!


This informal session will include posters and displays submitted by pre-conference participants and community partners. If you are interested in bringing a poster or display materials, please contact Sheryle Carlson (sheryle@ualberta.ca) by September 30, 2014.


The Kule Institute for Advanced Study, Community Service-Learning, the Faculty of Arts of the University of Alberta



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