Arts Resource Centre uses state-of-the-art cloud conferencing system to support academic collaboration

The Arts Resource Centre (ARC) has purchased a subscription to LifeSize Cloud, a cloud based video conferencing/communication tool that allows easy connection between multiple parties with audio and video from computer webcams, iOS and Android devices, video conferencing equipment and even telephone support with local calling or toll free numbers in most countries of the world. This solution provides an easy way to facilitate meetings, interviews, exams or even lectures with colleagues who are not able to travel to Edmonton but are available to sit down in front of their computer for a time, click a link to connect to you and then go on their way. The system allows data sharing, so powerpoint or your desktop can be shown while the conference is happening, which adds value to the time you spend. The system interfaces with the various conferencing rooms available on campus and the ARC also has a room dedicated to events where conferencing is a part. Please visit for more details of our communication and multimedia services.


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