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Eduard Baidaus: Born before and after the Collapse

Please join us for this Kule Dialogue:

Born before and after the Collapse:
Soviet Past and post-Soviet Present as Interpreted by two generations in Russia, Romania and Ukraine

Eduard Baidaus | Wednesday, November 26th | 2 PM | 3-20 Arts
(Light reception following the talk!)

Since Communism collapsed in Europe and the Soviet Union disintegrated, nation builders have focused on re-considering old values, re-writing national histories, and defining new identities. To construct a Communist society, several generations of the Sovietized Russians, Ukrainians, and Romanians were raised on similar ideological pillars – the so-called ‘people’s friendship,’ ‘Socialist brotherhood,’ and ‘Communist internationalism.’ The situation has changed due to the dramatic events of the late 1980s – early 1990s where citizens in the post-Soviet Russia and Ukraine, and post-Socialist Romania are no longer under the pressure of Communist propaganda, ideology, and internationalist education.

The purpose of this case study is to examine how Soviet past and post-Soviet present are perceived by the Soviet-born adults and post-Soviet youth in these three countries. The presentation centers on the interpretation of the Soviet foreign policy, perception of the Great Patriotic War, attitudes towards the Communist traditions and the assessment of political and territorial separatism in the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Union’s republics.

Eduard BaidausEduard Baidaus – a PhD Candidate (ABD) in History at the Department of History and Classics of the University of Alberta. His dissertation, “Nation-Building and Separatism in Eastern Europe: Transnistria Problem in Moldova and in Geopolitics of Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and the European Union (1917-2013),” is concerned with the problems of separatism and nation-building and focuses on the “frozen conflict” and identity crisis in Moldova. The dissertation addresses issues related to the reassertion of Russia’s international influence, Ukraine’s efforts to balance between the “East” and “West,” and Romania’s attempts to return its role in the domestic and foreign affairs of the Republic of Moldova.


SSHRC Stories and Successes – Nov 5!

Interested in learning more about the great social sciences, humanities and arts research happening at the University of Alberta?

The Office of the Vice-President (Research) and the Kule Institute for Advanced Study invite you to a public event celebrating our SSHRC stories and successes!

SSHRC Stories
The first half of the event will be 3 presentations on the theme of Emerging Technologies: Competing Needs and Challenges:

Technologies of Nature: Surveillance at the Limits of the Human
Kevin Haggerty (Arts)
Stewarding Technology for Inclusive Innovation
Gordon Gow (Extension)
The Third Dimension: Immersive Virtual Environments in Educational Research and Practice
Patricia Boechler (Education)

Special guest:
SSHRC’s new Associate Vice-President – Future Challenges, Ursula Gobel

SSHRC Successes
The second half of this event will celebrate UAlberta’s 2014 SSHRC grant recipients through poster displays and the following invited 3 minute presentations:

Sadok Ghoul – Campus Saint-Jean
Andrew Leach – Alberta School of Business
Julie Rak – English and Film Studies
Sean Robertson – Faculty of Native Studies
Ali Shiri – School of Library and Information Studies
Evelyne Gagnon – Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
Tsugumi (Mimi) Okabe – Modern Languages and Cultural Studies

Reception and University of Alberta Press book display to follow!

RSVP Requested to help with catering requirements:

Event Details

Wednesday, November 5, 2014
4:30-6:30 PM
Room 1- 430 CCISSSHRC Stories Successes poster