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Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now

One of the most exciting programs that KIAS is embarking on in its first year as an instituteĀ is the undergraduate student conference, Tomorrow’s Ideas, Now.

Undergraduate student research is an area that is often overlooked on the priority lists. KIAS believes that research begins at an early stage in the life of an academic, so undergraduate students should not be left behind. In this spirit, KIAS is very happy to be organizing an international undergraduate student conference for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program, working in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Fine Arts.

The conference will take place from August 17 to 20, 2011 on the beautiful campus at the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s most prestigious research universities. Students from across the world will have an enormous opportunity to present their research work in front of their most gifted peers. As acceptance is based on merit, attendees will come out of the conference with an academically-reviewed paper for the curriculum vitae, as well as a great experience.

All of the research must be within one or more of the KIAS Research Themes, which are topics of crucial global importance. Stewardship of the Planet. Place, Belonging, Otherness. Culture, Media, Technology.

KIAS is looking for a dynamic group of presentations and accept applications of all types: scholarly papers and posters, to artistic performance, dance, musical composition, multimedia, and literary expression. Spoken word? You bet. Interpretive dance? Absolutely. Research paper? Yep.

Even if you aren’t looking to go forward with a post-graduate level of schooling, employers are looking for graduates who have set themselves apart from their colleagues. Participating in a conference of this nature is a fantastic way to show prospective bosses that you have something different. Leadership, public speaking, research skills – you have so much to gain from an event like this.

The nitty-gritty: the conference has a registration fee of $100 which will take care of food and event costs for the duration of the conference. As well, KIAS is offering a number of Travel and Accommodation Grants available on a competitive bases to meritorious conference attendees. You must be 18 years or older and be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program at the time of your application. Deadline to submit the application form and the 300-word abstract is May 9, 2011.

All the application forms, guidelines and FAQs are available on the KIAS website, located here. More information will continue to be posted as we have it.

If you would like to volunteer at the conference, another great idea for those looking for leadership opportunities, just email KIAS Executive Manager Gillian at: and you can be added to the list.

Looking forward to meeting all the great young minds in August!